Final Fantasy 2
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Final Fantasy 2

We recently updated our rom version used on cartridge to the refurbished translation that has some bug fixes and includes a run button.

Final Fantasy II has a story that centers on four youths whose parents were killed during an army invasion by the empire of Palamecia. Three of the four main characters join a rebellion against the empire, embarking on missions to gain new magic and weapons, destroy enemy superweapons, and rescue leading members of the resistance. After defeating the empire and the Emperor, the trio discovers that the fourth youth, now a dark knight, has taken the place of the previous emperor and is preparing to attack the rebellion. Upon confronting him, the Emperor reappears as a demon and prepares to attempt to destroy the world; the four characters agree to join forces to defeat him. They proceed to do so in his demonic castle. The Game Boy Advance remake adds a bonus story after the game is completed, following several side characters who died during the game as they attempt to defeat an alternate version of the Emperor.

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A new world of excitement and adventure!
Final Fantasy 2 tells a great story and is very enjoyable. The leveling and XP system is very different. You will increase your characters' weapon skills and abilities to use individual spells rather than increase their attributes as a whole. This is very different from the original game, but you'll get used to it and it will begin to make sense. The music and artwork is phenomenal and is a must-have for fans of the series. The biggest flaw with this title is the translation. The dialogue is somewhat brief and badly translated. All the text you need to complete the game is present, however. Some of the spells have incorrect names. Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Cure are correct, but some of the later spells in the game are mislabeled. It appears that the translator re-used the spell names from FF1 whether it was correct or not. Not a huge problem, and can easily be solved with a guide. This is a wonderful game and I highly recommend OCD Reproductions!
Good Game, Excellent Repro Cartridge
Final Fantasy II gets a bad rap from fans of the series. Granted, the game is tough, and the battle system doesn't work as well as other RPG's, but it's still an good 8-bit RPG, with nice character graphics and excellent music. The English translation is all right, though there are some phrases or character banter that might leave you scratching your head. However, the reproduction cartridge offered on this site is of the best quality of any others I have seen! The ROM works perfectly, as does the save system, which is extremely important for a game like this! The label art works very well (I got the behemoth design on mine) and the label, itself, looks factory fresh, and is printed, cut, and attached to the cartridge as perfectly as a factory-produced game. The guys on this site just do a bang-up job with the quality of their cartridges, and in my opinion, are miles ahead of any other reproduction site anywhere else online. You will not be disappointed with what you receive!
Final Fantasy 2 and other Famicom/ Nes sequels (repro is top knotch btw!!)
During the heyday of the Famicom/Nes, it was common for a game company to change the gameplay and game mechanics of a game, when it came to the 2nd game in a series. While some players enjoyed the changes and thought it added variety, alot of people disliked how different the games were. Because of this, nowadays these games are looked upon as more of the black sheep in their series. Zelda II and Castlevania II are often talked about in this fashion, as is Final Fantasy II. Although i enjoy Zelda II and Castlevania II, Final Fantasy II, i have luke warm feelings about. In Zelda II, Nintendo changed almost everything in the way you played the game. First off, Nintendo changed the action to a side scrolling view, rather than overhead (overhead was still used however, when in the main game world.Its how you got from place to place) Magic and spells were added, and an experience point based system was integrated, giving the game more of an RPG feel. Konami pretty much did the same thing when it came to Castlevania II. Castlevania II changed from just an action oriented platformer, to an action oriented platform game with adventure elements and the ability to upgrade weapons and attributes. Instead of being able to carry only one item (like in the 1st game), Konami added a menu box, which let you carry all sorts of items/weapons currency was added as well, which gave the player the ability to buy said items/weapons. Also, the items helped in solving puzzles (another added f
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