Moon Crystal
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Moon Crystal

Moon Crystal, by a fairly low profile developer called Hector and published only in Japan for the Famicom, feels like it was inspired by Prince of Persia, but with tighter controls and put into the framework of a traditional console action platformer. The green haired hero, Ricky, isn't quite as detailed as the Prince, but his animations are also far smoother than practically any game on the system. Most games used a simple frame for jumping and ducking - Moon Crystal uses several. He skids slightly when he changes direction. He can also grab onto any platform - necessary for certain sections, naturally, but also a good tool to save yourself from misguided jumps - and pull himself up. It even generously gives you the ability to double jump upon obtaining a certain power-up, quite a rare function in an 8-bit game.

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Great platformer!!
Moon Crystal is side scrolling action platformer, that came out in 1992 for the famicom,and was never released in North america. Probably due to it's late release in Japan, it was never ported over to North America. The game features some pretty interesting game mechanics, for instance the player has the ability to do a double jump, and the ability to grab onto ledges. The backgrounds are bright, colourful, and varied. The pacing of the game is great and the controls are tight and responsive. The game also offers cut scenes after each level, similar to the Ninja Gaiden series. I would recommend this great little action platformer to anyone who's interested in collecting repros. Another great job by OCD!
Awesome game! A must-have!
Having been impressed with the quality of a previous game that I bought from here, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if they could make this game; apparently, they could. Yay! I'm pleased that my copy turned out well and arrived well-packaged! This is one of those games that should have come to the States, but for whatever reason (probably because it came out in '92?) it never did. It has a decent storyline, great graphics, and tight controls. And that double jump feature is definitely a plus. The pacing of the game feels pretty good too, and lets you get acquainted to the way Ricky moves. For sure, this is a must-have for any repro collector. Great job again, OCD repros!
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