Zelda, Parallel Worlds Remodel
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Zelda, Parallel Worlds Remodel Summary

Zelda, Parallel Worlds Remodel

Zelda parallel remodel is exactly as the title states. It makes the difficult parallel worlds a smoother ride for the player that's not looking to test his gaming skills. If you're looking to have a good time more along the lines of the original, try this version.

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A Fantastic "Remodel"! - EX's Game Review
When I first got this cartridge, I was absolutely "stunned" at how professional it had looked. Not only did it look mint-fresh, it also felt like I actually purchased the cartridge from a retail store in the 90's, fresh from the box. As for the game itself: The gameplay is what you expect. It's the same Link to the Past gameplay style, but now revamped and remastered in different ways (much like Majora's Mash was). The story isn't anything too special, as Euclid had made a few errors/plotholes in it's structure, and while PuzzleDude "did" remake the game to be significantly easier, he didn't seem to bother with fixing the small amount of text errors. The story's not "that" bad, though...I've seen far worse. Just know, this one "does" try to go for a more "darker" tone, but it seems to work out in the end (unless you're not a fan of that idea in a Zelda game). To be basic: It's Parallel Worlds, but now "beatable" on a cartridge! What more can ya ask for? It takes about two weeks to get the game, and I know some may be turned off on the 50 price range, but if you're a big Zelda fan, as well as homebrew fan? I say buy it now, it's definitely worth it!
A Fantastic "Remodel"! - EX's Game Review (Part 2)
Meant to say "Majora's Mask" on my review. Just to make sure no one was confused.
Parallel Worlds Remodel: A Review
I will start by saying I have not played the originial Parallel Worlds, only seen online videos of it on youtube, so I can not adequately compare the two games. This is one player's experience. Gameplay & Graphics: If you've ever played SNES' 'A Link to the Past,' this a mod of that game. New enemies have been added, which is awesome, the map of Hyrule has been reworked, including new dungeons and a different overworld. The overworld looks great, including designs like ships and houses that weren't in the original. Link also looks different, arguably better, than he did in ALTTP. Control and menus are great. Music: Great Zelda music, same as ALTTP from what I can tell. Replayability & Appeal: While I applaud the hard work the modders did to this game, which is impressive, I found the game generally a little too confusing and difficult (others may appreciate the difficulty more). There were too many times I got confused about where to go next, and there were no clues in the game the way there were in ALTTP. I will say with a fair amount of wandering, I was able (by luck sometimes) to stumble upon where to go next and I did beat the game. I was still addicted despite my frustration. Another thing that frustrated me was the sheer number of enemies in the game, far more than the original ALTTP - sometimes it even makes the action on screen slow down due to the number of sprites. Also, there are numerous grammatical errors, which is to be expected I guess.
Parallel Worlds Remodel continued...
Conclusion: I can tell you that based on the videos I've seen of the original Parallel Worlds, this one is much easier, although still quite difficult. Also, there is not an FAQ or comprehensive walkthrough anywhere online for this version, at least not one I could find. There are plenty for the original PW, and sometimes that helps, but there are a lot of changes to dungeons and the overworld and such in this version, so looking at a walkthrough for that version didn't usually help. If you are a huge Zelda fan, I'd recommend this game, otherwise a simple translation RPG of a Japanese game might be a better choice, as opposed to a fan modded game. OCD did a great job with this cartridge I might add. It saves great (you have to get the sword before you can save, then you're all good).
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