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Earthbound is an epic RPG. It has a huge cult following and it's an awesome game. Top notch. Countless hours of turn based action, wonderful storyline, and pointless tasks:) If you don't have it, you're missin' out.
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Excellent 5 product stars
"I recently bought this Repro, and it works like a charm. Everything is perfect, and I highly recommend it." Matt - 10/17/2012
boundin´ around 5 product stars
"Amazing game, and a nice Reproduction jobthis takes place in 80s america (sort of) and is a classichighly recommended for any RPG lover" Dan - 10/17/2012
First Repro 5 product stars
"This is my very first reproduction to date, I couldn't be happier with the quality! OCD did a bang up job! I will be buying all of my future reproductions from here! These guys have the best price on it and amazing quality, it was fast shipping, fast processing and it was clean! Thank you guys so much!" Oz - 01/21/2014

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