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A Week of Garfield
A Week of Garfield is a 1989 Family Computer title based on the comic character Garfield. It was only released in Japan due to issues with using the Garfield license in North America and Europe .
Adventure Island 4
Adventure Island 4, while still a sidescroller, is wildly different from the three previous games that were released on the console. It is more inline with games such as Metroid , as it's less of a platformer...
Adventures of Bass 2
Megaman 2 hack. Includes the character Bass now. Altered levels, altered colors, a few altered sprites, and even a different storyline. Gamers should find the hack more challenging than the original Mega...
This game is a port of the SNES Aladdin. It has all the stages from the original and it even has the bonus game (although the genie is missing due to the NES lacking Mode 7). The game lacks Abu following...
Alter Ego
Alter Ego is a game that's a logic platformer. You control a hero and his alter ego. You have to switch between them to clear a level.
Altered Beast
Altered Beast for the NES. In this side-scrolling beat em up you slowly turn into a beast as you collect power ups.
American Dream
Probably the coolest gambling game ever.There are 2 modes to play.Simulation mode is simple gambling. Game mode adds a world map and random encounters.The point in either mode is to win money.It's the...
Angry Birds
Your favorite flying rats are back in an 8 bit adventure!
Ankoku Shinwa The Dark Myth
An exciting murder mystery with esoteric Buddhism and Japanese history and legend. 1600 years ago Yamato the Brave dressed in woman s disguise defeated the Kumaso chief, who swore vengeance upon Yamato...
Antarctic Adventure
Antarctic Adventure is a video game developed by Konami in 1983 for the MSX, and later for video game consoles, such as the Family Computer and the ColecoVision. The gameplay is similar to Sega's Turbo...
NOTE: The title screen has a "load file" option. It seems that they intended this to be battery backed, but it is not. The famicom version isn't either. When you choose load file it says device not supported....
Attack Animal Academy
Imagine Space Harrier only replace the main guy with a japanese schoolgirl and throw in some kangaroos.It's freakin awesome. I dare you to press the select button.
Ballblazer is a simple one-on-one sports-style game bearing similarities to basketball and soccer. Each side is represented by a craft called a "rotofoil", which can be controlled by either a human player...
Banana Prince
This is a fun sidescroller full of weapons and fruit.You get to use cool abilities like flower growing and super sliding!The password system is kinda.......bananas, but useful.(trust me, that's a funny...
Bashi Bazook
Bashi Bazook is a prototype version of an unreleased Jaleco game. Originally in Japan it was Bio-Senshi Dan. It was localized, but never made it to release in the States.
Batman Easy
This is a hack which aims to make the Batman for NES game much easier and beatable then it originally was. I found the original to be very fun, yet difficult to beat. With this hack its much more possible...
Batsu & Terry
Batsu & Terry is an action platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is based on a Japanese comics and has an animated film adaptation. The game is an action platformer. The objective...
Bio Force Ape
You're not ready for this game, it's way too awesome.
Bio Miracle Baby Upa
Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa ' s main character is a baby called Upa that uses a rattle to attack his enemies. When injured by the rattle, the enemy inflates and floats away. These inflated enemies can then...
Blade Buster
A homebrew shooter in the style of Recca. Instead of levels it has a high score system where you can choose a 2 or 5 minute run. It also has HI Score retention.