Cheril the Goddess
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Cheril the Goddess Summary

Cheril the Goddess

You control Cheril. Theres plenty of things to do, and youll need special objects. Cheril can only carry ONE object at a time, so if you try to get a new one while you are carring an object, you will drop the one you carry in the place of the one you take. To get/interchange objects press DOWN.

Besides, youll have to give those objects a use. To use an object, just walk to the place you want to use it and press DOWN.

For Cheril to fly, she has to “push”. You can make her “push” by pressing UP. But beware: “pushing” for too long drains Cherils vitality, so you have to do this carefully. Timing short “pushes” can make her gain momentum. Take your time to master the technique, it wont take long.

Cheril can also fire power balls. You can fire pressing FIRE. Power balls also drain Cheril, but think that enemies do quite a lot of harm. Use this feature wisely, and just when needed!

Cheril can also regain her vitality by means of a special action we wont reveal cause its easy enough to find out!

You can choose the difficulty level, but the easiest level wont show the real ending.

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