Final Fantasy 7 advent children
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Final Fantasy 7 advent children Summary

Final Fantasy 7 advent children

This is a complete overhaul of Shenzhen Nanjing's game.

First I'll go into the changes made during the original FFVII Upgrade Project by the super awesome 
Lindblum back in 2008. From the original version, Lindblum translated all dialog, character names, enemy names,
equipment names, item names, item descriptions, menu text, and battle text. Now some things
did have to be abbreviated due to size constraints. The font was improved,
the game was rebalanced make the game faster and easier. And spell graphics were changed. Along with these changes Lindblum also made these changes: Made it possible for the character to run by holding B while moving. While riding a chocobo, the chocobo music will play. He made the songs "Those chosen by the planet" and "Ahead on our Way" that are used in this game. ***And best of all, Lindblum created a weapon shop that you can use to purchase weapons!

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