Ghostbusters 2 , The New
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Ghostbusters 2 , The New Summary

Ghostbusters 2 , The New

In the game, the player is presented with four Ghostbusters to choose from: Peter, Ray, Egon, or Winston. The NES version features their accountant, Louis, as a fifth playable character. This, along with the North American version of Ghostbusters II, were the only titles ever released that allowed players to play as Winston. While the action can be performed by oneself in the NES version, a secondary player may join the game with the ability to press B on a second controller to release a ghost-catching trap. The objective of the game is to trap all the ghosts in an area until an arrow appears which alerts the player where to travel to next area. A boss appears at the end of each stage.
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Best NES Ghostbusters game by far.
This ghostbusters game really pays tribute to the source material, not just a weird reskin of a platform game like most NES tie-in games. Ending was challenging, but not impossible. Overall the game was very well polished. (As is most HAL games) and beats the actual American released games by a mile. The Repro Cartridge itself was top quality, clean, and ran the first time I popped it into my NES. The label was great, you can't tell it isn't just another NES cartridge in my collection. I'll definitly be ordering some more games.
New Ghostbusters 2
This game plays exactly as the video shows. Surpasses both GB games on the NES by far. It's a shame this was never released because it would of definitely been one of the most popular games on the NES and in the arcade. Has a Fester's Quest type of feel to it. Once you get the hang of lining your guy up right with the ghost and hitting the B button to trap, its a pretty easy going game with a lot of variety. Definitely tributes the movie well and is a very fun game. As always OCD supplied a flawless cartridge. If ever in doubt, OCD is the ONLY place for reproductions and The New GB2 should definitely be considered to own & play.
New GB2 is a great!
Now, this is a fun little game. OCD did a great job with the cartridge as always! On to the review. Graphics: Simplistically awesome! Big, 8 bit apartment buildings, sewers, and rooftops accompany 'cute'Japanese style ghostbusters - Winston, Ray, Egon, Peter, and Louis all have small bodies and big heads. The overhead look of this game reminds me of NES Zelda. Control: Spot on. Everything controls well. You choose 2 of the 5 'busters' and traverse the 5 of so levels busting ghosts and fighting a boss ghost (mostly from the movie) at the end. B fires the proton beam for one guy, A opens the trap from the other. You can press A, B, and Start at the startup menu to change this or other options, like difficulty. Closing: This game is great BECAUSE it's so, so simple and addictive (some would say repetitive, grant you). I love that you can just pick it up and play immediately. Can be difficult, so you need to perfect your busting skills; then, you'll be fine. Glad we can finally play this great GB2 game on our NES consoles. Shame the U.S. never got it back in the day. A 2 player option would have been good, too, but, ah well, one can't have it all.
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