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Hebereke, Sunsofts Japanese mascot whos mostly seen in too many PuyoPuyo knock-offs, made his debut in this semi-open world side-scroller with gameplay elements of DuckTales, Super Mario 2/USA, and yes, Metroid. On paper, it sounds awesome. In execution… its actually more awesome than screenshots show. I mean, one of the four playable characters (a ghost wearing shades named Sukezaemon) special attack is a hammer he uses to hit his OWN head, knocking out his eyeballs that home in on smaller enemies! Its loaded with humor, fun, and graphics that rival even most 16-bit titles. If you think thats weird, the enemies and environment will leave you laughing or confused. Easily one of the best games made on the system.

This game was originally planned for release in North America as Ufouria: The Saga, but was delayed until it was cancelled sometime around 1993, as the 8-bit era was pretty much dead by then. It was, however, released in PAL nations (Most of Europe and Australia). The English language version replaces the graphics of two of the playable characters (including main character Hebereke, once a mischievous white penguin to this snow-man… thing… named “Bop Louie”) as well as birds dropping poop with birds dropping 10-Ton Weights. Also, the story in the English language version lacked th\e humor, character personality, and story of the Japanese version.

This patch is for the Japanese version of the game (Hebereke). It completely translates all of the dialogue, including the intro and ending sequences, and fixes a couple of bugs present in the original game.

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