Little Nemo Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition
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Little Nemo Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition Summary

Little Nemo Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition

This hack attempts to increase the usage of the WAND and to improve the overall gameplay of the beloved cult classic Little Nemo - The Dream Master. This is accomplished by giving the player the WAND weapon from the start, streamlining the action-platforming aspects of the gameplay, and reducing the cumbersome animal-riding parts of the game. Various re-balancing adjustments and improvements have been made to the game as well.

List of features, additions and changes:

1) WAND activation! Nemo can now use the WAND weapon from the beginning!

2) Nemo can now jump slightly higher. He can now reach up to 3 blocks vertically without the help of the frog suit!

3) Nemo now has a max of 4 hit points. This should reduce the difficulty of the game in the early stages.

4) All new levels! The amount of changes to the levels vary from level to level. From minor edits/polish to complete overhauls.

5) Added more platforming challenges.

6) Added many challenges that require the usage of the WAND.

7) Added many secrets and bonus areas. These areas are not required to pass each level.

8) Streamlined many levels from the confusing and annoying key-fetching quests to more of an action-platformer.

9) Reduced and streamlined the animal-riding aspects of the game. Removed all instances where the need to constantly change animals are required.

10) The height of jumping out of water is now consistent and always at the highest.

11) Various graphical changes to give the levels a better look and feel according to the levels theme.

12) Restored censored contents.

13) Swapped music between levels 5 & 7.

14) Boss surprises!

15) The difficulty of level 8, Nightmare Land, has been ramped up to the max. Take advantage of the extra 1-ups!

16) Cap of 9 max lives is now removed. Nemo can now have a stock of more than 9 lives.

17) Various texts changes in attempt to modernize and to make the story fit with the early WAND activation.

18) Minor adjustments to enemy hit points.

19) Other various minor edits and adjustments.

20) Changed the “Morning Star” to the “Wonderful Wand”.

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