Mother 3
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Mother 3

Third release in the Mother series. This is exclusive to the gba and was only released in Japan. It is fully translated in English. Very fun game.

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I bought one of the early versions OCD put out and it works great on my SP and my DS. This game is awesome and I love having an actual cartridge that I can play.
mother 3
Mother 3 is an outstanding game with excelent visuals and music, has a great since of humor and a strange,funny and heart rending story. i give the game a 4outof5... others may disagree.. its just i found the game to be rather short.. its a gba game they could only fit so much memory into it.. but i digress its an amazing game either way and the fan translation is superb tomato and the rest at did a most excilent job at translating this amazing game staying close to itoi's original dialouge with a couple of name changes here and there.
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