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Unlike the other Splatterhouse games, Wanpaku Graffiti focuses more on platforming elements than Beat 'em up gameplay.Instead of using punches and kicks, Rick wields an axe and can pick up a shotgun with limited ammo during certain levels. This game also features an experience point system. By defeating a certain number of enemies, Rick's health bar grows. The number of enemies needed is seen at the top of the screen. New to the series is the password system, which allows players to enter stages through four digit numbers
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Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti was released in 1989 for the Japanese famicom. The game features some pretty graphic and gory gameplay mechanics for the time. Unfortunately due to the blood, gore and pop culture references it was deemed to graphic for a North American release. Nintendo of America would have had to severely dumb down the game and completely change the core gameplay and graphics. Which in my opinion would have ruined the game entirely. Honestly the game is really well done. The sprites are large bright and colourful. The backgrounds are well detailed, and offer a good variety of locations. The game is meant to be a parody, and is littered with comedic elements, of several horror movies and pop culture references. Such as the Alien movies and Michael Jackson's thriller dance. Overall the game has tight controls, decent music and really well done graphical animations. I would highly recommend this fun little 8-bit slasher to any avid collector. OCD did a fine job!!
Another great job by OCD. I acquired this game and Mega Man Ultra (amazing) through the trade-in offer OCD has. Which by the way was easy, flawless, & very professional. Only down part was shipping time but that was due to the excitement of the games. I also did this over the holidays and my games reached me incredibly fast but as i said i was very excited for the games so it seemed like an eternity. Ok now on to Spatter House. Game cartridge was in phenomenal shape. Looked brand new. Actually better than brand new. Game play is flawless the music is sweet and this game is so much fun. Easily becoming my favorite game on the NES. Highly recommend this game. Its cool to have a 8 bit slasher type of game. This game belongs in every one's collection. I also highly recommend working with OCD whether you buy, trade in to get money off or both. They are great. You will get a high quality product at a more than fair cost. Awesome all around.
great game, great fun
This is a great game. A lot of platforming fun with funny sequences. OCD did an amazing job at repro-ing this game. Game cartridge plays flawlessly in my nes. Only complaint has nothing to do with ocd but with the translation of the game, after getting the two hidden crystal balls and completing the game, the last two cut scenes are not translated. Even though you can get an idea of what is happening, i would like to know what is going on. In all, ocd did a great job at doing this great game. A must have for any collector to have in their collection.
This is part of my first reproduction order, I couldn't be happier with the quality! OCD did a bang up job! I will be buying all of my future reproductions from here! These guys have the best price on it and amazing quality, it was fast shipping, fast processing and it was clean! Thank you guys so much!
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