Sweet Home
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Sweet Home

The game features randomly encountered battles which the controlled character or party of characters must fight or run away from. If a character dies in battle, he or she cannot be revived throughout the course of the game. The five characters have a specific skill that is necessary to complete the game, although items that serve the same purpose can be found if one of the characters dies. For example, should Akiko (the team's nurse) die, the team may find pill bottles which can be used to heal ailments. Depending on how the player ends the game, there are a total of five different endings the player may receive.

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Excellent horror themed RPG, which was the grandaddy to Resident Evil
Sweet Home (Suito Homu in Japan) is a horror movie developed by Toho Studios, in 1989. The game was released on the very same day as the film and was developed by Capcom. Sweet Home is a turn based horror RPG, where the player takes control of a group of 5 characters, who enter a decrepit mansion, in search of priceless frescos, thought to have been left there ages before by the mansions previous owner (a famous painter). All is not as it seems, for after they enter, the door slams shut, and the ghost of the painters wife (Mamiya), threatens their very lives. Can the group survive the night and make find their way out, or will Mamiya rob them of their very existence? The story of sweet home, is actually pretty scary and shocking for a game that came out for the NES. I was legitimately freaked out while playing it. The backstory to the mansion and its previous owners is told through blood soaked diary pages found near the bodies of previous explorers, who searched for the frescos. with the 5 characters, you break them up into teams of 2. Each character has a specific item for puzzles, but once he dies, that's that, he cant be revived. similar items can be found if this happens,but inventory is limited. The battle system is set up like any traditional turn based RPG. The games and many of its elements directly went into Resident Evil ( doors opening and closing, mansion setting, limited space for items).Sweet home was ahead of its time and awesome. Play it!
Great horror RPG!!!
Sweet Home is a turned based horror RPG, that was exclusively only released in Japan, for the Famicom back in 1989. The game never saw a North American release unfortunately. It was deemed too graphic, and inappropriate for North Americans, due to the strict policies at Nintendo of America. The game features a news crew consisting of 5 different members. Whom go to the mansion to take pictures of paintings, left behind from before the previous owner. Right from the beginning of the game you'll have to separate your party members into groups. This is where the game really shines, there is a lot of strategy involved in the game. Each member possesses an item to help navigate through the treacherous haunted mansion, hence, the strategy comes into play. The games atmosphere is quite immersive and chilling, each corner you turn could ultimately be your last, and there are no revives. Once someone dies that's it. The battle system is just like any other turn based RPG. The game was pretty advanced for the time it was released and still holds up today. I highly recommend this game to anyone who wants to play a horror RPG on the NES.
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