The Magic Candle
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The Magic Candle Summary

The Magic Candle


In the game, players must assemble a group of six adventurers and journey across the kingdom of Deruvia to keep the demon Dreax imprisoned in the eponymous magic candle, which has begun to melt. The game's world includes several towns and cities, two castles, and several dungeons and towers. Unlike many computer games, one wins not by defeating a final enemy, but by collecting the necessary items and learning the necessary chants in order to preserve the magic candle. Players begin with one adventurer, a human hero called Lukas. Additional adventurers can be found in the game's two castles. Much of The Magic Candle's fun derives from discovering exactly what is needed to preserve the eponymous candle.

There are five races available in this game:

Dwarves - Very short but exceptionally strong.
Elves - Tall and slender with special attachment to the forests.
Halflings - Small charismatic race with large furry feet.
Man - Or Human.
Wizards - Wizards are considered a race in this game. This race is similar to the race of Man, but practices magic.


Carpenter - Can build shelter for camping.
Fighter - Skilled in combat.
Gem-Cutter - Gain extra 1/3 profits from gem sales.
Knight - Skilled both in combat and in defense.
Mage - Skilled in Magic. Only Wizards can be mages.
Mercenary - Offer their services for hire.
Metal Smith - Repairs weapons faster.
Ranger - Good hunters and move well in unknown terrain. This is Lukas' profession.
Tailor - Can make and repair garments. Good for getting jobs in towns.

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