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Bop-Louie and his friends live in a world named Ufouria, The characters stumble upon a crater, in which his friends fall in. Bop-Louie climbs in, but suddenly blanks out. He finds out that he must find all three of his other friends, all of which suffer from amnesia and take on Bop-Louie as a threat.

Each time Bop-Louie locates one of his friends, you must battle them in an attempt to help them regain their memory. Once all four are back together the game revolves around collecting keys to open a gat.

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very excited for this to come in the mail, the cart looks incredible!! it does indeed work on an NTSC NES, however the game IS sped up, the music and game play does run faster than normal, with that being said, the game is still highly playable. Actually the game play being sped up is welcome, the music does run faster than normal, however there is a game genie code to fix this, and yes, this reproduction does in fact work properly with a North American game genie. If you'd like the game genie code for the music, this is it: SZXVAPVT this will play the music properly, again when all is said and done, I'd highly recommend this reproduction!
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