Welcome to OCDreproductions

What forms of payment do we accept?
just about anything, Credit Card, Check, Money Order, Google Pay, Venmo, Western Union, Bank to Bank transfer. If paying by something other than a credit card, all you need to do is checkout using the 'other' option. This will place your order with us, I'll then send an email based on this order.

Will you make me this game that came out in the USA? (ie: Earthbound, Hagane).

-no. This is something we don't do.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

-We take pride in getting your games done quickly. Preparation time for games is 10 days or less. Plus whatever shipping time takes.

Will you ship international?

-Sure, OCD doesn't discriminate. We do however charge a small shipping fee. USA orders have free shipping.

Can you make this one game that's not on your site?
-First of all, do a little research before you ask this question. It does have to be in NES or SNES format. Look to see if it's even translated and so on. If you want a certain game, email it to me. I'll check it.

Can you print labels you don't have on your site?

-I may not be able to design one from scratch, but we can print individual labels of your own design.

Do you accept trade-in's?
-Yes, check our trade page for details.

Are your games in English?
-Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise our games are in English.

The video on the product page isn't in English what
-All of the videos on the product pages come from video sites. They aren't recorded by us so the gameplay may by from an untranslated version or older version of the game. They are just for reference to gameplay.