BS Shockman Zero
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BS Shockman Zero

BS Shockman Zero also known as Kaizō Chōjin Schbibinman. NOTE: There is a brief storyline to this game. This text is not in English.

Kaizō Chōjin Schbibinman is the story of two Japanese school kids named Tasuke and Kyapiko, who are in fact androids built by a mad scientist known only as Doc. Doc, who shares a bit of a resemblance with Doc Brown from Back to the Future, built Tasuke and Kyapiko with the ability to morph into armored superheroes known as Schbibinman. Their plight is to battle the evil forces of Dark Skull, an obvious knock-off of Darth Vader and Doc's first attempt at a cybernetic organism who went rogue and established a gang of goons called the Skull Force. The Skull Force are trying to take over the city and have captured civilians in various locations. As the Schbibinman, you must take back the city, one building at a time, rescue the hostages, and defeat Dark Skull and his gang.

That's about all the story there is to Schbibinman. If you want story, NCS has plenty of awesome strategy games for you. But Schbibinman was their outlet to focus entirely on action. One of the great things about the series in general is that you can play with both characters simultaneously in 2-player mode. Or you can just pick one or the other, although they function exactly the same in this game. Once you've chosen a character, you start off on a world map that looks much like the map from Starfox. From Doc's lab, you can move to one of three Skull Force-controlled buildings in the city, from which three paths branch off and occasionally cross. You can go back and forth and clear every stage, though, so you're not restricted to one path.

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