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10 SNES for $300
10 snes for 300. This deal is for any of our 39.99 games. You must name the titles you want in the notes section during checkout. Want new batteries on some or all of your games? Just add this new battery...
3x3 Eyes Juuma Houkan
3 3 Eyes: Juuma Houkan is a side-scrolling action adventure game that was released on the SNES in Japan only. The game is based on the Manga 3 3 Eyes. Gameplay video for example only. Text is in Engli...
4 SNES for $140
The OCD special deluxe option. Get 4 of our 39.99 snes games for 140. How can you put a price on that many hours of gameplay? IMPORTANT For this option you must put the 4 games you want in the message...
7th Saga Easier
7th Saga is a SNES jRPG notorious for its unforgiving difficulty in that monsters are brutally difficult and the heroes stats dont rise particularly generously with their levels. It is not widely known,...
A Very Super Mario World
A very Super Mario World is a full length hack. Difficutly is Hard. 120 Exits.
Ace Wo Nerae
Ace o Narae! is a fun and simple game for those who love playing for fun or just simply like the original and old games. This game can be frustrating but can pass time extremely quickly!
Adventures of Hourai High School
Adventures of Hourai High School is a weird RPG. You start school at a Hourai High and a wacky adventure begins! Instead of your typical magical powers, this game gives you skills based on the social clubs...
Alcahest is an action game with RPG elements. You wander around slaying enemies in real time combat, gathering treasure on the way, and occasionally participating in boss battles. When you gather enough...
Amazing Spiderman Lethal Foes
The Amazing Spider-Man: Lethal Foes is a 1995 Japan-exclusive action game for the Super Famicom based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.
Ancient Magic
This game features overhead gameplay is standard JRPG fair. You have towns to wander in and dungeons as well. There isnt a true overhead map. Instead you have areas that you can wander that will have a...
Aretha is a role-playing video game developed by Japan Art Media (JAM) and published by Yanoman Corporation to an exclusively Japanese market. It was originally released for the Game Boy in 1990 and later...
Assault Suit Valken
Assault Suits Valken is the Japanese version of Cybernator, a game that Konami brought over to America. The game is a sidescrolling shooter similar to Contra, but here you pilot a huge Mech named s Gundam...
Bahamut Lagoon
Bahamut Lagoon combines RPG mechanics with squad-based combat. Characters have HP, MP ( SP for fighter characters), EXP, equipment, stats and class-specific, SP-draining special elemental abilities very...
Ball Bullet Gun
Simulating Japanese survival war games, players must survive an assault from the bad guys. The closest equivalent that North American culture has to this game is paintball. Each character is assigned a...
Bastard!!: Dark God of Destruction
Unique fighting game. Opponents are on a horizontal plane and can move around. Check the video.
Bobby's World
Bobby's world is an unreleased game. The rom was completed but never had an official release. It's a pretty typical platformer.
Brandish 2 : The Planet Buster
Brandish 2 is a somewhat unique Action RPG. It's a top down game but rather than just turning your character on the screen, the entire room turns (in effect, simulating the changing view of your character...
Breath of Fire 2 Retranslation
This is the long-awaited English version of d4s Breath of Fire 2 retranslation/enhancement patch, two-and-a-half years in the making. This is the original intro, not the "through the flames" patch.
Brutal Mario World
NOTE: The hacker never finished the last level of this game. Otherwise it has hours of gameplay and feels like a complete game. It has many new graphics, while retaining the same Super Mario gameplay....
BS Excitebike Battle Stadium 4
Note: This is not a translated game. Text is Japanese. There is not much text in the game. There is text at the beginning of races and so forth. This is a rom of battle stadium four which is the last version...