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Alcahest is an action game with RPG elements. You wander around slaying enemies in real time combat, gathering treasure on the way, and occasionally participating in boss battles. When you gather enough experience from fighting, you gain extra hit points. You can also upgrade your weapons. On the way you'll meet some characters who will join your party for short time, and you'll be able to use their special attacks and magic.

(Rom has password fix patch)

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Buried treasure
I always been a fan of action rpg's more so than turn based, and this title escaped my radar for the longest time. However thanks to the repro scene I finally got the chance to play this nice gem. It doesn't do anything that stands out but still offers a nice action experience with some light rpg tones. Special note The translated patch of this in cartridge format has a broken password system that makes it unable to input passwords to continue your quest. With no battery option available, beating this in one sitting (a few hours) is the only choice. A real bummer and nuisance, but not a total deal breaker.
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