Ball Bullet Gun
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Ball Bullet Gun

Simulating Japanese survival war games, players must survive an assault from the bad guys. The closest equivalent that North American culture has to this game is paintball. Each character is assigned a Japanese code name and a main weapon by the player himself. Players can only move up to a certain amount of squares per turn and can only be hit a certain number of times before being killed. The game itself is divided into 24 different missions. Victory conditions vary from mission to mission, and may be anything from "kill the leader" to "free the prisoner and return to the escape point.

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Great Turn-Based Strategy Game
It's a BB gun battle game. You do missions to take out an enemy team, or knock over their cans or rescue a hostage. The combat is turned based where you move your players across a grid scouting new areas, finding the enemy team and trying to knock them out. It's a really fun game.
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