Contra Revenge of the Red Falcon
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Contra Revenge of the Red Falcon Summary

Contra Revenge of the Red Falcon

Much harder than the original contra. Levels have been changed and extended. Enemy AI has also changed.

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The challenge you want
This game is hard, balls hard. It's everything Contra you love with each level extended 400%. There are new traps to memorize or get destroyed. The bosses have an extra level of difficulty added. This game is for the Contra lover who really wants to test his/her skills. The Konami code doesn't work on this game. It wouldn't matter if it did, 30 lives still wouldn't be enough to beat this monster. You start with 8 lives and each level is long enough with enough enemies that you can earn an extra 2 or 3 lives per stage. Those won't help much as you'll undoubtedly be losing more than 2 or 3 lives per stage. This game can be mastered but I think it will take you a very, very long time to do it. Until then, thankfully, all of the Contra game genie codes work for this game so you can throw on infinite lives and experience each level without playing non-stop for several years until you're good enough to see them without cheating. You may think I'm over hyping the difficulty because I'm just not very good at Contra. Nope, it takes me about 20 minutes to beat Contra without dying. It takes me an hour with the use of infinite lives game genie code to beat this game. Buy a copy and experience it for yourself.
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