Double Moon Densetsu
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Double Moon Densetsu Summary

Double Moon Densetsu

Somewhat based around Kadokawa's 1991 Table-Talk RPG (Legend of Double Moon), Double Moon Densetsu tells the tale of the World of Double Moon, created by a diety known as Fatima, which is divided by the north and south and governed by Swords, Magic, Yin and Yang. It's in this world that you will control a young man named Yuuru who is out to stop a mysterious evil figure who kidnapped his father long ago and who is trying to revive a dark dragon to destroy the world. He befriends various characters along the way. The TRPG obviously functions differently.

Double Moon Densetsu is very much a traditional JRPG that looks and feels much like a Dragon Quest game, though the game has a few conveniences that make it more accessible to modern RPG gamers (but still prefers bringing up menus to talk to people). This game is not for those without patience at all; You will be unmercifully beaten should you attempt to just roam the land and you'll be grinding for a majority of the game as enemies take so much damage off of you that you can't hope to survive without training for long periods of time. Your very first boss is two normal enemies who can cast spells and take off a combined effort of nearly 100 hit points, then you fight a wizard known as the "Dark Salamander" who's just as troublesome and then you have a cave beast right after that who can hit all party members for over 100 points of damage, soooo...yeeeah. Saying the game's flow isn't exactly smooth is an understatement.

Characters have typical support and attack spells, though you can also attempt to afflict enemies with different ailments by attacking weakspots like their head (which can cause confusion), hands or body. Some items also have magical properties and can be used as combat spells. The game is okay. While it's a bit more loose with its dialogue than the average NES/FC RPG, it isn't particularly exciting, and proves to be rather frustrating rather often. You know a game may be hard when you can revive your characters at towns for free.

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