Full Metal Alchemist Stray Rondo
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Full Metal Alchemist Stray Rondo Summary

Full Metal Alchemist Stray Rondo

Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo is a role playing game for the Gameboy Advance published by Bandai. It is one of two FMA games for the GBA that were only released in Japan. This is the first game chronologically out of the 2, the second being Sonata of Memories


The game uses a turn based battle system along with cards that are used for performing alchemy. There are 4 different options to choose from, these are: Attack, Alchemy, Items and Handbook in the case of Ed or Attack, Special Moves & Items in Al's case.

There are 3 types of numbers on the card: mass (left), value (right), and a roman numeral indicating the number of times the card has been combined. The cards can be combined maximum 4 times and no card with mass or a value number greater than 7 be created.

There are 50 Ed alchemical moves in each of the four categories: Metal, Nature, Stone and Darkness. As the player uses a new move, Ed records it in his notebook. Completing all the 200 moves unlocks a party picture.

The infamous Cat hunt is also included which increases the strenght of Al's certain special attack.

Gameboy Advance
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