MegaMan Ultra
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MegaMan Ultra Summary

MegaMan Ultra

This is one of those Megaman 2 hacks that just has to be played, for one the whole soundtrack is changed! The challenge is very good and all of the graphics has been changed to give this hack some extra flavor. There are graphics from other games too but that’s a surprise. Megaman fans will get a kick out of this hack as much as everyone else will enjoy it. Infidelity did a really good job with this hack and it shows, so what are you waiting for?

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MM ultra
Fantastic, I'm really happy with what I got. The label looks perfect. I really would recommend getting this game here, and I think the price is very fair. Thanks again!
Mega Man Ultra
This is my 3rd game from OCD. Wow. Another amazing job. This game is like other Mega Man games but so different at the same time. Levels are awesome, the music is great, & it's so cool having other game themes mixed in. It's like having most of what is the NES in your Mega Man game. I can't speak for the other reproduction Mega Man games here because i have not played or own them (yet) but if you're a Mega Man fanatic then this is a must have. like ALL other OCD games (outside of the amazing game play) it was top quality as far as label and cartridge go. Better than brand new. Great job all around. If you're thinking about this game, stop. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
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