Megaman Reloaded
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Megaman Reloaded Summary

Megaman Reloaded

Mega Man Reloaded is a simple Mega Man 1 hack. It has new graphics, new layout and design, and changed music unlike in most of the MM1 hacks! “Wily got out of prison, and he secretly built up his new base, on a small island. He stole and reprogrammed Light’s 6 robots from the Robot Museum, to get revenge for being defeated for the 11th time. Dr. Wily send them to different places on the planet to create total chaos! Will Mega Man be able to save the world from the evil scientist again?”


  • New stage graphics, design and sprites.
  • New boss weakness chain!
  • Ice Slasher is now capable of destroying enemies!
  • Ice Slasher and Rolling Cutter now can be fired 56 times without recharges!
  • All weapons are weakened with the exception of Ice Slasher, it’s the most effective weapon in game.
  • Music is hacked unlike in most of Mega Man 1 hacks! The music was imported from Mega Man 2/Rockman 2. 2 songs are from MM1.
  • Shorter boss halls! It’s only takes a second to go back to the boss now!
  • All enemies deal more damage to Mega Man.
  • All enemies have more health.
  • All bosses have 2 weaknesses!
  • Wily 4 is a Gauntlet now!
  • Modified Sniper Joe AI. Now doesn’t follow the player when it’s skipped. (Credits to NetSplit)
  • Modified drop rarity table.

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