Metroid Mother
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Metroid Mother Summary

Metroid Mother

This hack is the combination of three individual hacks. It was created to be the ultimate NES remake of a classic game.

The original palette has been utilized and the layout of the map is exactly as the original. The only exception is the room where you fight Ridley. To reduce flicker (as much as possible) I had to place Ridley above the doors.

Metroid + Saving (v 0.3)

  • Minimap
  • Savefiles
  • Beamstacking
  • Better icebeam and bombs

MDbtroid - Infinitys End

  • Nicer titlescreen
  • Nicer endings
  • Updated run animation
  • Updated player sprite (suited and suitless)
  • Updated enemy sprites
  • Enlarged and updated Kraid and Ridley
  • Updated Mother Brain
  • Various updated tiles

Roidz - DemickXII

  • Nicer background tiles
  • Animated lava, doors and elevators
  • Animated corridors
  • Animated Norfair (Ridley level)
  • Animated Tourian (Mother Brain level)
  • Various updated tiles

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Best version yet
This is my favorite version of Metroid. Completely new map layout. Samus looks cooler. Oh and how can we forget the new 'save feature' and mini-map. A++
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