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Controls D-Pad moves Cheril. B (charge & release): spit. Pressing down in the D-Pad makes Cheril crouch and jump lower. The spit may help you by displacing some enemies a bit and get them out of your ...
Castlevania The Holy Relics
An all new Castlevania adventure is here on the NES! New stages, graphics, items, enemies, music and gameplay for Castlevania fans to enjoy. Select from 5 exciting stages before reaching the final showdown...
Extra Mario Bros
New maps, new graphics, new enemies, new powerups, new physics, new final boss. Its inspired by Metroid and in fact, some tiles are imported directly from it. Its practically a new game.
Fake News Cofefe CIB
Fake News Covfefe is a hack of Zombie Nation. It replaces the sprites with the Don. Adds a new story intro as well. A fun piece of pop culture. Includes box, manual, cartridge and foam block!
G.O.D. Heed the Call to Awaken
The year is 1999. A boy named Gen lives together with his mother in a small Japanese city. One day he goes to the nearby mountains and discovers an underground cave. In this cave, he encounters a strange...
GG Aleste
This is a conversion of the Game Gear rom to work on the Master System. The start button is mapped to the down button on 2nd controller.
GG Aleste II
GG Aleste II - Lance Bird also known as Power Strike 2 is a converted Game Gear game that now plays on Master System. Uses BUTTON 1 for the menus, letting the pause in-game mapped to the Master System...
Global Gladiators
A prototype of the unreleased NES port of Global Gladiators.
Last Bible III
Last Bible III is the third numbered game in the series. It was released for Super Famicom on March 4, 1995. The game follows Ciel, a boy who leaves his home town to travel to go on a journey.
Lion King 5
The game itself is very similar to its counterpart in terms of gameplay. Before starting the game, the player has to choose one of three playable characters: Simba , Timon and Pumbaa . Simba is balanced...
Maharajah! This is the BETA translation patch for Maharaja c. 1989 Sunsoft Famicom/NES adventure RPG. Venture through time to ancient India in this exciting text and graphic RPG! The wicked sorceror Indrajeet...
Mickey & Donald: Magical Adventure 3
The last game in the Magical Quest series. Never released outside of Japan (not counting its Game Boy Advance port 10 years later, as Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey and Donald ) because it was...
Panda Baby
Panda Baby is a pirate nes game developed by Dragon Co.
Square Deal
Square deal is an NES prototype. It's a card game where the cards drop down like tetris. A winning poker hand must be made to eliminate the cards. Had a gameboy release.
Super Famicom Wars
Super Famicom Wars is a turn-based military strategy game developed by Intelligent Systems, published by Nintendo and first released on May 1 1998. It can be regarded as the direct successor to the original...
Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X
Super Mario Bros 2: Mega Mario X is an epic Super Mario World hack. It's setup like a Megaman game where you choose a boss from the main screen. There are a few levels to beat per boss. It features a neat...
Super Mario Land 2 DX
Super Mario Land 2 DX is a color hack for Super Mario Land 2 in the same vein as Links Awakening DX. It adds color, lets you play with Luigi (with different physics) and removes the lag.
Super Mario Ultimate
This is a full hack of Super Mario Bros 3 from NES. It features: -8 new worlds -90 new levels -new graphics -new enemies -save game -difficulty selection -item slot
Super Mario World: The Second Reality Project Reloaded
So, what's this all about? "The Second Reality Project Reloaded" is not another new entry in the TSRP-series, it's a remake of the first part. The hack finally features a new overworld (people requested...
Super Smash Bros 19xxte
19XXTE is a mod of Super Smash Bros. It is the first notable mod for the game, with development having started in May of 2015. 19XXTE is based on 20xx tournament edition; that is, the purpose of the mod...
Tom & Jerry 3
Tom & Jerry 3 is an unlicensed port of Tom & Jerry: Frantic Antics released for the Famicom by Dragon Co. at an unknown date based on the cartoon shorts of the same name.