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Starfox 2

The premise of Star Fox 2 is very different from the original Star Fox: Instead of following mostly linear paths inside predefined missions, the player moves a team of two ships freely around a map screen that represents the Lylat system. When the player's ships make contact with enemy forces, the game goes into an action perspective, piloting the Arwing ship directly with controls and game play similar to the first Star Fox. When the player cleared the specified objectives in that encounter (destroying all fighters in the vicinity, for example), the game went back into the main map screen, where the player could select a new destination for his craft.

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Best SNES game never
This game is a MUST have for any serious SNES or Starfox enthusiast. The game has 3 difficulty options that change the layout, boss battles, and even the missions. you'll never play it the exact same way twice. It's a real shame the game never saw the light of day. The reproduction cart I bought was top quality. it came ridiculously fast and a ton of care was clearly put into the repro. The game itself is a more or less complete version of an incomplete game. Debug codes were removed, glitches are corrected, and many elements that were incomplete in the original beta are now fully functional. For example, the 3rd person view in space is fully working in this rom. At the main menu, you get two options. Mission and Records. i was shocked to find that all of my records actually save! so i can play for hours trying to beat my score again and again. This is 100% worth every penny and i recommend it for any SNES or Starfox fan.
Now You're Playing With Power, Super Power!
this game is amazing. I heard a lot of good things about Star Fox 2, and they're all true. a lot of what was used in Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command, & Star Fox Zero, came from this sweet gem of a game. it's a shame it never got an official release because it's a lot of fun. I got an alternate label from this site, so I thanks OCDReproductions a lot for this recent order because now I have an amazing game in my collection. I highly recommend this game to everyone who loves the SNES and/or Star Fox because this is definitely the best Star Fox game I've ever played. with that said, (raising a pretend glass) cheers to Dylan Cuthbert & the staff at Argonaut Software for creating an amazing & extremely fun sequel to a classic SNES game. and I hope you'll get the chance to officially release it someday. flawless victory Star Fox 2!
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