Super Mario Bros. 3 Frank's 2nd SMB Hack
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Super Mario Bros. 3 Frank's 2nd SMB Hack Summary

Super Mario Bros. 3 Frank's 2nd SMB Hack

Frank's 2nd SMB3 hack. The levels in this hack are vastly different from the original game, to feel like a completely new experience! Levels don’t start out terribly difficult, but get tricky later on, though they never become unfair. Secrets are strewn throughout the many levels, including new levels for the White Mushroom Houses, with new coin requirements, and the hidden whistle.

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Awesome !
This is a very good hack of SMB3. Everything was done right ! New levels keep the challenges coming. The cover art sticker and cart were top notch. Very pleased with OCD.
mario franks second hack
Amazing smb3 hack that is challenging enough to keep you playing for along took me three weeks to muster up the skills (I'm not good :-) to beat it...sweet cart amazing label I opened it with my security bit board looked great. Don't pass it up...go OCD!!!
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