Tecmo Super Bowl 3: 2011 College Edition
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Tecmo Super Bowl 3: 2011 College Edition Summary

Tecmo Super Bowl 3: 2011 College Edition

Tecmo Super Bowl 3 hack. This version is the 2011 college edition. Price is higher due to expensive donor. Tecmo Super Bowl 3 donor can be traded in to receive a $50 rate. Message for details.

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TSB III review continued
(PART II) Control: It's Tecmo Bowl. Scroll through your receivers and hit B to pass, or hand it off and hit A to break tackles. Fumbles and picks are possible. Replayability: Endless because the difficulty is perfect, and you have the season mode. Some teams are easier, some more difficult, and its based on how those teams finished the 2010 college football season (all players' names are from the '10 season), hence included are players like Heisman trophy winners Cam Newton and Mark Ingram) Only real negative: Since this is a modification of an NFL game, your favorite team may have been left out. Here are the 2010 teams - SEC: Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Florida. Big 12: Texas A & M, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska....BIG 10: Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Wisconsin...Pac 10: Southern Cal, Oregon, Stanford... WAC: Boise State, Nevada. Big East: West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Conn. ACC: Miami, FL State, VA Tech, Clemson, NC, GA Tech Ind: Notre Dame. MWC: TCU. This game is vintage Tecmo Bowl the way it should always have been made, with college teams. A+
Best Retro College Football Game Ever
TSB III: 2011 College Edition is an absolutely marvelous modification of the original TSB III (hats off to the hard-working guys who created this version). If you compare the 2 games side by side, though this one if far superior, in terms of bigger, more colorful graphics. Choose from one of 30 Division 1 (BCS) schools and play an 11 game season. Win your conference and enter the playoffs for the National Championship. Or, you can simply play a single game against the CPU or a friend. There is also the Blue Chip Editor option that allows you to create your own player. Graphics: magnificent. Big, colorful, easy to see, with one exception. The onscreen text, for some parts, is in a slightly difficult to see off-white color. Not a big problem, though. All team uniforms are perfect. They even included the correct logos. It is truly remarkable! (continued)
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