Zelda Outlands
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Zelda Outlands Summary

Zelda Outlands

Legend of ZeldaOutlands is probably the best Zelda hack out there. Almost every single thing possible to modify in the game has been modified. This hack exemplifies the talented individuals in our community. Anybody even remotely interested inROMhacking should give this one a try!

The old world map has been completely overwritten by the new one. You are guaranteed not to recognize any locations from the previous game. All location of dungeons and secrets have been changed as well.

Secrets are now locked according to what quest youre playing. For example, the rock you push to find a dungeon wont move on the second quest, so you have to find a new entrance somewhere else in the world. The game allows each secret to be set to 1st Quest, 2nd Quest, both, or neither. So, many places where you can bomb, burn, push things and use the recorder are quest-specific.

Most of the monsters have new graphics (including all bosses) and some even have new colors.

There are 42 possible block, water & statue arrangements for the many dungeon rooms, and all but 3 are brand new.

Thats just a taste of what has been changed and how much work went into this hack!

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Zelda outlands review
The zelda outlands i recieved came on a brand new looking cartridge with a very professional and official looking artwork/sticker. I ordered this game under the impression that it would take about 2-3 weeks to receive my game. To my surprise it was delivered to my house within only a few days time! The game plays perfectly Everytime without a single hiccup or glitch so far ( only about half way through the game )the game mechanics play and feel exactly like the original, graphics have been changed around and the dungeons and overworld are completely redesigned.. The best part is if you've played the original then your intuition will serve as your guide in this game. The difficulty is up quite a bit from the original aswell! Don't hesitate if you're thinking about buying this game, it was more than worth the money spent!!!!! Thanks OCD!!
Awesome Version
This is a very well made hack. Smooth game play. New areas to explore. One of the best made Zelda hacks ever. And as always OCD does a fantastic job. Cart, labels and programming are top notch. Not to mention their incredible shipping speed. Cant go wrong with these guys. I have dealt with other companies and NO ONE compares to OCD quality. Definitely recommended !
Play It Again For the First Time
First, let me express with clarity the highly professional presentation of the cart. The cart itself looked brand new and the label would fool you into believing that this was actually a released Zelda game. The game itself is complete, not glitchy, and high quality. Being a console gamer I seek the purest experience. Your time and money is well spent in obtaining a cart of this game and playing on the original system. It's like playing the original Zelda for the first time again. Finally, shipping was extremely fast. I couldn't believe how fast I recieved my order.
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