BS Excitebike Battle Stadium 4
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BS Excitebike Battle Stadium 4 Summary

BS Excitebike Battle Stadium 4

** Note: This is not a translated game. Text is Japanese. There is not much text in the game. There is text at the beginning of races and so forth. This is a rom of battle stadium four which is the last version of BS Excitebike. This rom has been edited to play more like a normal snes game. If you play the original Bunbun Mario Battle Stadium 4 there will be wait times where you can't play the game. These wait times have been removed on this. This is more for a collector or die hard Sattelaview fan. Gameplay is a bit slow in my opinion.

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BS Excitebike Review continued
Oops, ran out of room. In summary... Gameplay: Smooth and works great. B button gives gas, Y for turbo. Be careful not to hold Y for too long or you'll bike will overheat. If you collect coins on the track (at least 5), you can then use turbo indefinitely until you wreck you bike. Music and Sound Effects: There is no in game music unless you collect 5 coins, then an upbeat song plays. Good sound effects from the hum of the bike to the character voice samples to the overheating bike sound. Replay value: High, if you enjoy trying to beat your high score (my best is 400,080). It's also a very fun racing game in general. There is both Japanese text and English text in the game, which doesn't affect playability at all. Overall letter great: 'A' Excellent game.
BS Excitebike Review
BS Excitebike Review This version of the game is based on Mario Stadium 4. As mentioned in the details, the loading times have been removed, making the game easy and fu to play. You choose from 5 characters: Mario, Princess, Toad (called Kipino), and Wario, and Yoshi. Sadly, Luigi was replaced in this version with Yoshi. All of the characters have voice samples when they race which are accurate and give the game that 'Mario' feel. If you've ever played Excitebike on NES, you know what you're in for, although this game has a twist. Because this was a Satellaview game, there is a clock in the top corner that starts at 19:03 and ends at 19:56. That's because the game was intended to be played in an hour(ish) period. This game is all about getting the high score in your hour. You race 4 courses, first solo, then against 7 other racers (Koopa Troopas, who you can't pick, make up the other racers). In the solo races, the more laps you complete, the higher your score becomes. In the competition race, the place you finish in after 5 laps gives you a certain score. Both are really fun and addictive. Coming in 1st can be a challenge. In between the 4 courses, there are bonus rounds that add onto your high score. One is a ramp game, where the farther you go, the higher score you receive. The other is a ghost jumping game, where the more ghosts you jump, the more points you receive. You also earn points for your total score by picking up coi
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