Donkey Kong Country 2 Hard as Kongcrete
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Donkey Kong Country 2 Hard as Kongcrete Summary

Donkey Kong Country 2 Hard as Kongcrete

The goal of this project was to create a new, much more difficult game, all while still feeling professionally polished, as if it could have been an official release all along. No Kaizo gameplay here (except maybe in the 1st world), folks, but still lots of new puzzles. Also, any and all tile hacking is done as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

>> DKC2:HAK is for players who blaze through DKC2. If you cannot achieve 102% in less than 2:30, then this patch might not be for you. <<

- There are no DK Barrels (use BARRALAX!) and only one Star Barrel in the whole game (and its semi-hidden).
- Collectibles are fewer and farther between (each single banana should be taken to heart as something deadly serious, whether it be showing you the way to safety or to a secret).
- There are no Bonus Levels. The Lost World can be accessed after retrieving the 75x Kremkoin from Screech, with a technique every bit as intricate as the original techinique to release the 75x Kremkoin. (by the way, Screech now knows of your shortcut, so now hes got a little shortcut of his own this time around.)
- Most DK Coins are now end-of-level targets, and those that arent have been stashed in all new areas (most of them). Since some of these areas can be so hard to find, an extra DK Coin has been hidden in Stronghold Showdown, making it possible to collect 41 DK Coins.
- Note that since there are no Bonus Levels, and the game includes those in the percentage completion calculation, fully completing DKC2:HAK should garnish a percentage of less than 100. Just use your DK Coin count as your "measure of completion."

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