Dragon Quest III
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Dragon Quest III Summary

Dragon Quest III

Dragon Quest III is an updated version of the NES equivalent Dragon Quest III but updated with excellent Super Famicom graphics and sounds. The story remains basically the same,but with some additions. Such as the medals from Dragon Quest IV, the personality system from Dragon Quest VI, a new job class Thief has been added and a new bonus dungeon. Unlike the previous Dragon Quest games, the monsters are animated, and the battle backgrounds have returned.

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DQ 3 Translation
One of the best conversions on the Famicom. They pushed the SNES to its limits with this one and it shows in everything, the changing day/night time, the movement of enemies in battle, the gorgeous graphics, and OCD did a phenomenal job in putting this on an SNES cart. I have played this on both the SNES and one of its clones, and it works beautifully from start to finish. Get the aftermarket battery tray installed and your good to go!
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