Dragon Quest I & II
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Dragon Quest I & II Summary

Dragon Quest I & II

This Dragon Quest release was a 2-in-1 cartridge, containing both the original Dragon Quest I and Dragon Quest II. Enix improved on these old classics by making them a little more "up to date". The graphics and sound were updated to utilize the new features in the Super Famicom. There were also many game play updates that were made.  Such as items hidden in objects like furniture and pots. Added, too, were "Seeds" and "Acorns" as were introduced in Dragon Quest IV.

NOTE: In Dragon Quest 2 there is a glitch in the English version of the game. It will cause you to be stuck because of an endless text loop. You can avoid this by naming the Prince of Cannock with something 4 characters or less. This glitch will happen in the town of Beran when you stay at the INN. If you missed this note and are experiencing the glitch you can also follow the instructions below to fix it after the fact.

1. From the title screen choose, "Continue Your Quest"

2. Put the cursor next to the save file you wish to use.

3. Hold LEFT + START and push A and it will bring up a naming prompt for the Prince of Cannock.

4. Name him something with 4 CHARACTERS OR LESS.

5. When you confirm the name, the game will resume where you saved.

6. When you get to Beran, the glitch will not occur if the Prince of Cannock has a name with 4 characters or less, and you can complete the quest normally using the Leaf of the World Tree!


The most needed update to Dragon Quest II was if you attack or cast a spell at a monster and one of your comrades defeats the creature, your efforts will not be wasted.  That attack will be directed at one of the other monsters in the attacking party.

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