Feda : The Emblem of Justice
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Feda : The Emblem of Justice Summary

Feda : The Emblem of Justice

Feda's style game play is very similar to the Shining Force series. It is a tactical RPG.

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Feda: Emblem of Justice
This was supposed to be Nintendo's answer to the Shining Force series. To a smaller extent it could be, but the battle mechanics and fighting skills in the game are much simpler. The action sequences when groups come into contact are simple and you see them many times over. Probably this games biggest hindrance is the non-stop, never ending dialogue between parties. Sometimes it is 10 or 15 minutes to get through it... especially for a lot of dialogue that is not important or relevant to storyline. It is just someone mouthing off... typically one of the main characters to a resistance leader. Fortunately, several characters join and leave your party during the quest and the action sequences are still better than what was in Gemfire.
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