Final Fantasy 5
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Final Fantasy 5

The 5th game in the Final Fantasy series. Released in 1992 in Japan. Unfortunately never saw a SNES release in the states. This is the second Final Fantasy title to feature the Job system. This means that player's select their Job or Class and earn ability points to advance their class.

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I have purchased several games from Kody, and every single one (even the dreaded Tales of Phantasia) works flawlessly! He has always been patient and prompt with my questions as well. I felt it necessary to write this because I just received my copy of FFV. I have played this game on emulators, as well as the various ports released over the years. I was absolutely STUNNED by the audio. None of the other versions approaches the quality of this soundtrack being pumped out of a real SNES (not even ZSNES @48khz!! not even close!!!) There are all these neat, subtle flourishes using stereo panning that are simply absent from all the other versions. I never knew what I was missing. If you love classic Final Fantasy, you owe it to yourself to pick this one up, because you HAVE NOT heard this game until you played it in the original. It is that good. I promise!
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This is a review of and not of the game itself: I received the game in the mail exactly 10 business days from receipt of the Paypal transaction. Game plays flawlessly and its physical condition is like new, it is exactly as it appears on the website's stock photo. I was initially hesitant about shelling out 50 for game nearly 20 years old, but if you enjoy playing old school games that never made it to this side of the world on the original console, these guys are trustworthy and professional. Highly recommended.
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