Final Fantasy 6 Return of the Dark Sorcerer
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Final Fantasy 6 Return of the Dark Sorcerer Summary

Final Fantasy 6 Return of the Dark Sorcerer

Final Fantasy 6 Return of the Dark Sorcerer is a major hack of FF6.



- New cast of characters with customized move sets.

- New and customized events.

- A whole new musical soundtrack.

- New WoB and WoR overworld maps

- New dialog script.

- Major original bugs fixed, many of the lesser ones as well.

- WoB Colosseum added.

- Soul Shrine boss medly event.

- Longer Esper & Spell names.

- Natural stat growth.

- Stat raising items, ala Chrono Trigger & FFIV.

- Character class names.

- More Rare items, with uses.

- Increased game difficulty.

- Removed Level Averaging.

- Removed Magicite level-up bonuses.

 - Different skills like Magic, Tools, Item etc. all take different time before initiating.

- New Game + event.

- New and customized maps.

- A hundred or so added treasures.

- Music plays uninterrupted (no battle music) in most non-overworld areas.

- The 7 dragons replaced with Lord Envoy's FFVI Advance Monsters Den counterparts.

- Super bosses.

- Imported BRR's (instrument samples) from other games.

- New monsters and bosses. (Sprites, battle scripts, stats)

- Unique NPC sprites, and some very interesting characters.

- New spells and custom spell animations, as well as weapon graphics.

- Hold "B" to sprint.

- High MP costing Spells, and a fixed MP digit in the menu to compensate.

- Near Fatal Status is changed to 1/4 HP from 1/8, to encourage more Desperation Attacks; Desperation Attacks is not limited to just once per battle per character.

- New equipment and Relics.

- All items have descriptions.

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