Mario's Journey Through Time and Space
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Mario's Journey Through Time and Space Summary

Mario's Journey Through Time and Space

This is a somewhat different kind of Super Mario World hack. It is kept to be easy but differs in game play. Instead of going from world to world you can choose the world to play in order to gain stars needed to continue the game.

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I like Mario games
Good job
After playing Mario's Journey Through Time And Space a few times, I love it. The creator real put in the effort. I have played quite a few Super Mario hacks and I have less than stellar reviews for the vast majority. The soundtrack is perfect, when I heard a remix of a DKC song I was thrilled. This is one of your easier hacks, though a few levels can get a little difficult, it's perfect for casual gamers. Though this game does have a few opportunities... The story text at the beginning of the game has no end game text, and the dinosaurs hit box can be a little bit of a miss. Other than that I strongly recommend it. I would encourage a sequel.
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