Mother 2
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Mother 2 Summary

Mother 2

Patch is MaternalBound Omega + Run

Removes NTSC censorship from Earthbound and changes the title screen to the Mother 2 title screen.

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Freakin' awesome.
Works great, and I prefer this version to the US release because it's more faithful to the original version. If you love EarthBound, I highly recommend picking this up.
A cheaper alternative to a very expensive SNES game.
This place saved me from having to spend over 500 on this game, not to mention that it doesn't have any of the American censorship (and getting Porkies name right). Another thing is that the cartridge feels very well made, same thing with the label which is very great I might add. So I recommend buying this if you just want to play Earthbound (Mother 2) without having to spend hundreds of dollars and having all the censorship removed to give you the most legit experience in sweet English, this is the thing you should buy. I will definitely be buying from this site again once I have some more money.
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