Mysterious Dungeon 2 : Shiren the Wanderer
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Mysterious Dungeon 2 : Shiren the Wanderer Summary

Mysterious Dungeon 2 : Shiren the Wanderer

Shiren is the simple story of a man following his friends dying wish to find the Land of the Sun at the top of Table Mountain in feudal Japan. Its a rougelike - that is, the dungeon is randomly generated every time you visit it, and you start at level 1 with little or no equipment every time you play. The game has a few subplots you can advance by continually playing through, which is nice, and all of them will have some bonus to you as a player at their successful conclusion, be it a helper to follow you around or a new item becoming available in the dungeon.

Once you complete the main (Impasse Valley) dungeon, as well as a few of the subplots, youll unlock a food-themed dungeon and a trap-themed dungeon for extra gameplay. Once these are completed and all of Feis puzzles are finished, youll unlock the ultimate challenge, a 100-floor dungeon (which, I might add, none of my testers were able to complete.)

Good luck, and remember, just because the random number generator hates you, it doesnt mean that the games completely impossible!

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