New Super Mario World - The 12 Magic Orbs
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New Super Mario World - The 12 Magic Orbs Summary

New Super Mario World - The 12 Magic Orbs

This is one of the best SMW hacks I have ever played. I say one of the best because it gets very difficult around world 10. It's well designed and has lots of gimmicks and new power ups.

NOTE: A couple small glitches occur on console with this game. First there is a sub-screen before entering every level that displays the levels title. This has some garble on it, like Classic Mario World. Also there is a score bar on the bottom like SMB3. This is where your extra item will show. The item doesn't always show in this bar though. It appears and disappears at random.

94 levels and 112 exits
Custom Music
Custom ASM
Custom Bosses
9 New Power-Ups

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Really Good - One of The BEst Ever Hacks But Far From Perfect
The story is simple. Recover The 12 Orbs to stop Bowser. There are 12 Worlds all so different, but you could say no two single levels are alike in identity. Game has plenty of difficult levels as well, but difficult in challenge. Some obstacles and levels are frustratingly hard but most deaths will end up being your fault. Most of the time it's the right kind of difficulty. The new Power Ups are cool and I wish more hacks had them. The music is among the best of any hack ever. My biggest complaint are the bosses. Too easy and the payoff is weak. All Bosses are all around terrible. My only real complaint. Some levels could use some touching up, and I would have liked to see certain powers ups (Notably the cape feather or even the Super Leaf) show up a little sooner than they did in this game. All in all this is a great game, and must play for all fans of SMW Hacks, but may be a better option for emulators than the original console. Overall, I highly recommend. Hack is not perfect, but then again what hacks are truly perfect?? It certainly belongs in the upper tier of them.
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