Radical Dreamers
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Radical Dreamers

A strange sequel to Chrono Trigger that never made it outside Japan. It is essentially an interactive novel, building up the storyline for Chrono Cross, but partly contradicted by it. It was not distributed as a cartridge, but via Satellaview, a system thatallowed players to download games directly from a satellite. Radical Dreamers, unlike most traditional Square games, is not an RPG but a Text Adventure similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. A player would read a few pages, then make a choice from a giving selection. Both navigation and battles worked in this way.

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A good book
Radical Dreamers - the unsteable jewel. First if you do not like text based games you are not going to like this game. If you are one of those people who feel graphics as long as there good make a it a great game regardless of anything else (they do not) then this game is NOT for you. Now if you are like me that dialed up a BBS and played games like Legend of the Red Dragon and stuff and actually appreciate games like this I feel you will enjoy this game. Now this game is part of tr Chrono Trigger series - you do not need to have played that game or even liked it (hard not to) - you can still play this game and enjoy it. It plays out as a child is reading his grandfathers's journal. He learns the love story between Serge and Kid and there adventure to steal the Frozen flame from the evil Lynx's manor. There are rpg aspects to it as you "fight" some battles and different choices you make effect your stats and hit points. That part of the game feels the most rushed - and could have been better. There are different endings after you beat the game which most are just silly. The main plot however I really enjoyed. You become attached to the characters and the ending without spoiling envokes strong emotions. So in the end if you like a good story, enjoy a good book and can dream - you will like this game.
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