Rendering Ranger
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Rendering Ranger Summary

Rendering Ranger

Players control the titular Rendering Ranger, a special forces soldier tasked with defending the Earth and its remaining inhabitants from a devastating alien invasion. A high score screen is present and there are many different types of laser guns to acquire throughout the post-apocalyptic adventure. The player can choose from three to seven lives. However, there are no continues so practice is essential to winning the game. The player can take five hits before losing a life but pits automatically make him lose a life. Weapons are found in floating orbs, and each color holds a different kind of gun.

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Pushed to the Limits
Finally get to play this action jewel after so many years. A run and gun shoot em' up hybrid this delivers on all fronts. My only gripe is that the music is a little lacklustre but the non stop action makes up for it, almost looks like a neo geo game, right up there with super turrican 2. Also the reproduction plays with no known glitches which is a bonus.. enjoy
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