Secret of Mana 2
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Secret of Mana 2 Summary

Secret of Mana 2

Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3) plays very much like its predecessor Secret of Mana, as it employs a real-time combat system, making use of a ring menu which provides the player with quick access to magic spells, items and character information, amongst other options. One of its main differences, though, is that the range of characters is doubled to six, with the player choosing the three members of his or her party when commencing a new game.

There are two version of this game available. There is the regular version and then there is a hacked version that makes the third NPC a playable character.

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Awesome Game
This game is incredible! It does a lot of things awesome. Such things include multiple story lines, awesome multiplayer and other sweet features! I bought this to play with my friends and have put more time into this bad boy than any other cart!
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