Super Back to the Future 2
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Super Back to the Future 2

Players take on the role of Marty McFly on hoverboard as they move over obstacles, jump platforms and gaps to get to their goal. The player's only means of defense is a somersault jump on the heads of enemies. Along the way, players will collect coins. These coins can be redeemed for powerups or extra lives at vending machines scattered throughout each round.

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Best back to future game
Although I have yet to play the telltale adventure games - this is the best console Back to Future game. I am huge fan of the movies so it is nice to see this being a good game. I have no idea why this was Japan only as there is so little text one wonders why it was not released outside of Japan. I found the game challenging and somewhat frustrating at times but I had a lot o fun with it. There is slow downs in some areas with many enemies on screen but not too bad and not all time. 1 other complaint was how fast the the dialog in cutscenes flies by - making it hard to read before it goes off screen. The game has great password system for level jumping and continuing if you die.
Average game, fun curiosity
If this game had come out in the US when it was originally released, I don't think it would have been remembered as much more than "that Back to the Future game that didn't suck". But since it was stranded in Japan, it's become sort of a fun, interesting little thing that any BTTF fans really should check out. The gameplay has Marty on a hoverboard the whole time, and slopes give him momentum like you'd see in a Sonic game, just a bit more clunky. The level design feels kind of generic, like a lot of B or C-tier platformers had in the SNES/Genesis days. But the licence shines here, with various remixes of the main BTTF theme, weird boss fights (fighting Griff in the 80s cafe while evading Pepsi Perfect bottles? yeah sure), and this sort of bizzare half-anime look to everything. It's kind of cutesy, and it's all super-deformed, but it's also doing a genuinely good job at looking like the characters from the films. This game probably doesn't deserve even a 4 star review, but as a big Back to the Future fan, it appeals to me more than it should. Fun, if bland game, with a good use of it's licence.
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