Super Mario Land 3 - Tatanga's Return
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Super Mario Land 3 - Tatanga's Return Summary

Super Mario Land 3 - Tatanga's Return

Super Mario Land 3: Tatangas Return is the authors attempt at creating a “true” third Super Mario Land game, i.e. a game where the player actually controls Mario. As such, this hack is pretty much a traditional Mario game with a simple plot that takes a backseat to stomping on heads. This hack contains 60 levels spread across 7 Worlds.

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Good job
A great followup to the classic Super Mario Land series. The creator put in the effort as you can tell from the graphics, soundtrack, and the brief story. There are vast difference in level design which keeps the game fresh. Returning enemies from Super Mario Land make their long awaited return. This hack is not hard, but not easy as well. I would still recommend to casual gamers.
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