Super Shell Monsters Story
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Super Shell Monsters Story Summary

Super Shell Monsters Story

In a mystical world far away, a legendary race of beings called Shell Monsters dwell. These are not those sorts of monsters that threaten other life forms, though. Just the opposite. Instead, these special people live extremely long lives and enjoy mysterious powers that certain heroes sometimes reluctantly use against tyrants that threaten the peaceful existence of their World of Shelldorado! Such a threat has arisen recently: A fiend known as Fat Badger. Elder Hermit Crab of Shell Village is about to invoke an ancient chant that elders must memorize to summon a human hero from another world that is quite distant from Shelldorado. Soon, the perplexed would-be hero, whether he wants to or not, will embark on an ocean voyage in the flimsy Puka shell craft, hoping to locate his madcap shell hero companions who somehow seem to be drifting far afield from their assigned duties!

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